Artificial Turf/ Synthetic Turf/ Artificial Grass

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Enertech Services Singapore Pte Ltd is an established artificial turf company in Singapore that specializes in installation of artificial grass (also known as synthetic turf) for both residential and commercial projects. We use high-quality, natural-looking artificial grass products for a vast variety of applications, including artificial turf for office interior, artificial turf for restaurants, synthetic turf for fitness clubs, articial turf for residential balaconies, artificial grass for garden/ landscaping, artificial grass for pets, putting green synthetic turf, sports field artificial turf, playground synthetic turf, and many more.

Our company focus on delivering exceptional value and quality in our artificial grass installation works. We have a dedicated team of synthetic turf specialists that uses the right tools, proven artificial turf installation techniques and top-grade artificial grass in all our projects. Our years of artificial/ synthetic turf installation experience will give you a complete piece of mind, ensuring each project is successful. You can expect that your artificial/ synthetic turf project will be done professionally by a company with proven track record.

We are working with various prestigious and popular artificial turf manufacturers such as TIGER Turf NZ, GREENFIELD UK, RHINO Turf UK and TAISHAN Turf R.O.C, for our artificial turf projects.

artificial turf company, artificial grass singapore, artificial turf singapore, synthetic turf Singapore, sports surfaces Singapore
Our artificial turf/ synthetic turf/ artificial grass/ sports surfaces installations cover:

For SPORTS For Commercial For Residential
Soccer Field Office Interior walls & floors Deckings
Rugby Field Restaurants/Café Balconies
Futsal Courts Fitness Club/Gym Roof spaces
Cricket Bar Deck Landscapes/gardens
Tennis Courts   Pets/general area
Lawn Bowling   Porch/Walkways
Gateball Court    
Netball courts    
Putting Greens    
For Recreational For Educational/Schools Others
Playground Kindergarten play areas Shipping Decks
Swimming pool decks Corridor/ Stairs/Slopes  
Stadium seat gallery    

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Artificial turf is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass in appearance and function. Originally used mainly in sports fields, it is now widely used in residential balconies, roof terraces, landscapes, gardens, playgrounds, office interior, restaurants, fitness clubs and bars.
Artificial turf can also be refered to as artificial grass or synthetic turf .

artificial turf company, artificial grass singapore, artificial turf singapore, synthetic turf Singapore, sports surfaces Singapore


Technology has advanced so rapidly that artificial turf, which was formerly known as ‘Fake grass”, has now been made to not only look very closely similar to natural grass, but it is also very close to the soft feel and performance of natural grass too. Today, artificial turf is used widely, in many applications to replace other surfaces, for a more natural look.
Other than for its “natural” look that helps to beautify the environment, artificial turf is now a popular surface material for many reasons:

  • It would always be lush and green all year round and preserve its aesthetic appeal longer.
  • Due to advanced technologies, ONLY top quality artifical turf is generally safe for all ages; does not pose dangers and health risks due to pigments and chemicals in its fibres, for example or scratches or cuts during skin contact or from falls.
  • Needs minimum maintenance or less care due to it being more resilient to wear and tear compared to natural grass, thus saving you a great deal of time, effort, costs and manpower hours.
  • There is no need for mowing, and fertilising or chemical treatment (pesticide spraying) – and with advanced technology, it is also environment friendly.
  • Water saving since there is no need to water it as natural grass would need, to help it grow.
  • Benefit from an even playable surface, all year round as it is unaffected by weather changes; you get an almost immediate playing surface, even after a period of rain. You can say goodbye to natural grass that would tear up due to rough play and give you awful patches of slippery mud that can result in twisted ankles from potholes, uneven playing surface and slips in the mud!
  • It is certainly durable and cleaner than natural grass; will not attract household pests and good for pets.
  • Allows for more intense use by more teams; more training sessions and match fixtures.
  • For sport businesses, more money earning time-windows because there is less of the downtime that would be due to nonplaying surfaces caused by bad weather.

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