EPDM ( Ethylene-Proylene-diene-Monomer) is a brightly colored synthetic rubber. EPDM has the characteristics of high elasticity and resilient performance. They are from recycled raw materials with non-toxic elements. Installed as a safety surfacing and mainly to prevent or reduce the injury-causing potential of a fall. Proper drainage, usage and maintenance are all important factors in surfacing programme for EPDM.
EPDM products come in an extensive range of colours and designs. Colorful and attractive patterns are important in stimulating a child’s imagination as well as giving an additional play value especially to the playground. EPDM has a high absorption rate as well as it is an excellent slip proof material. It is soft and warm to touch but yet resistant enough to last for many years.

Mostly Popularly Installed:
This flooring is most often used for children’s playgrounds, recreational park areas, residential landscaping, fitness stations, nurseries areas, walkways,
EPDM flooring is not just a plain flooring for laying on the ground; it can be laid onto contour concrete to form a slopy hill too. With kids’ superb imagination, the slope can be used to row themselves down the hill.

Standards Compliance:
EPDM cast-In-situ rubber has been submitted for laboratory tested to achieve ASTM and SS standards