Turn-key services in designing and build floodlighting systems involving high lamp poles, electrical provisions, light fittings to meet the requirements for general play to specific sports requirements for lighting levels

High quality floodlighting can provide an opportunity to extend the use of rugby facilities during dark evenings throughout the season. This Guidance Note is designed to guide you through the technical regulations, design, procurement and maintenance of floodlights for rugby union.

Good design needs to be embraced right from the start. Rugby clubs rarely have the expertise within their membership to specify and commission a floodlighting project themselves. Floodlights must be designed and installed to professional standards and this guidance note is not intended to be a substitute for the use of an electrical or lighting engineer who can provide support with the following elements of the scheme;

  • Preparation of the specification
  • Planning Permission
  • Analysis of tenders
  • Appointment of a contractor.

At the outset of the design process, you should consider the long term plans that your club or site has in place.

This will enable you to determine whether further lighting is likely to be required in the future. This should include pitch lighting but also lighting for the clubhouse, car parking or other external areas. This may affect the routing of cables, and will also influence the future required capacity of the incoming power.

Flood lighting (outdoor lighting) project is intended to be either stand alone or combined with one of the other projects included in this book. It could easily be used to provide illumination along a driveway, or be adapted for a car park or small caravan/camping park. The requirements for luminaires and lighting installations intended to be part of fixed installations and to highway power supplies and street furniture are given in Section 559 of BS 7671. Any luminaire selected must comply with the relevant product standard and should be selected and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The wiring system for the project could easily be run overhead or installed underground. When circuit conductors carry load current, a voltage drop is produced in the conductors due to their resistance, which means the voltage at the load is less than that at the supply end..